How does a person develop a world view if much of the information they are relying on is false or based on fake news? Where do they find truth?  Many outlets for the “truth” on the Internet are immersed in ideological distractions or unapologetic bias. People who have relied on their education for truth may find that the truth they have been taught is at odds with the real truth. Thought Pundit goes where the truth is; wherever that leads.

There is no preconception. Accurate information; factual information is all that matters. Finding it and writing about it is the goal of this blog. Facts and truth can be elusive in our current culture. Your values and personal views on a whole range of topics may be influenced by misinformation; not always your fault, but certainly something you need to remedy.

The truth may challenge many of this blog’s visitors.  If you find that is the case, then you need to return to Thought Pundit and read more; we won’t mislead you.

If Thought Pundit results in your seeking out a “safe space,” then take your mobile device with you and read more while you are there. Eventually, the truth will prevail and you will be enlightened. This blog does not exist to brainwash, but to bring factual information into the light of day. Nobody believes they are brainwashed, but many will question their belief system when confronted with facts.

In some cases, visitors to this blog will reject the accurate information that they read.  In that case, we suggest you stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself; “Why am I living a lie?”  Thought Pundit doesn’t tell you what to think. Fake news sources have done that already. Thought Pundit wants to ascertain that your views are grounded in facts; and nothing else.

When America was first established, the only mandate the Founder’s had for the press was to seek the truth. Now that the foundation for real “news” has changed, it is necessary to have sources like this.

NOTICE: The owner of this domain and website does not collect any personal information and will not sell any personal information provided.